Debian Usability Research intro page

Project suspended

Due to lack of traffic and activities, the project has been suspended. One chid project of this one, Debtags, has taken life of its own and is doing pretty well. This means that it's been worth doing it.

It may still be worth for other things, though. If some other DD wants to take over the lead, please drop me (Enrico Zini) a mail and I'll set you as administrator of the project and the mailing lists.

What it is

The Debian Usability Research is a debian subproject focused on identifying and addressing Debian-specific usability issues.

The project, which started in March 2003, is now in the form of an Alioth project where the deb-usability-list main mailing list is hosted. This is the list where interested people gather and work together.

What it is not

The Debian Usability Research does not intend to address general human computer interaction, nor any other usability issue that is not specific to Debian, like Gnome, KDE or OpenOffice usability problems. For that purpose, other infrastructure and communities have already been available for a long time.

Online material

Brief history

At the Linux Conference Australia 2003 there was a BOF about debian usability issues. At the end of the BOF we gathered e-mail addresses and decided to continue working on these issues once we got back home. The continuation of that BOF is what is now called "Debian Usability Research".

The initial main areas of interest were:

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